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Analysising business in need of a credit, virtually based on the cycle of asset conversion. The quantitative and qualitative information play an important role as when a business needs to structure a sounding credit facility.

Build up your advanced skill in putting up a meaningful proposal to apply credit, understand creative accounting within a business is at risk to fail and flag red as you know some financial statement could be fraudulent.  So comprehend the analysis of business risk in any industry. This program matches business to credit lending, and applies several qualitative analytical tools and case studies of good credit reports.

  • Full understanding of ACC
  • Ability to structure a credit facilities to match the customer business needs
  • Apply quantitative and qualitative tolls in analyzing customer business risks to determine bankable or non-bankable
  • Understand the different qualitative & Advance credit tolls in credit analysis
  • Pick up skills in determining creative accounting and red flags in business
  • Able to put up a meaningful credit proposal
  • Overview of financial fraud in financial statements and steps taken to mitigate the fraud.

Module 1: Detailed Contents of Asset Conversion Cycles (ACC)

  • Understanding the importance of ACC of different industries from manufacturing to trading and services to complex industry.
  • Matching of credit facilities in the ACC
  • Identify credit and business risks in the ACC
  • How funding and investment in ACC leads to credit analysis
  • Identify red flags and creative accounting


Module 2: Matching Credit Facilities to Customer Business Requirements

  • Identify different types of risks in lending
  • Structuring of credit facilities to meet the customer business requirements
  • Structuring of CAPEX, Working capital, forex and other services
  • Quantitative analysis of the customer’s financial statements
  • Analysis Cash flow needed for the business


Module 3: Advance Qualitative Analysis Tools

  • ME Porter 5 forces
  • SWOT Analysis
  • BCG Matrix
  • PLC & ILC
  • Credit & Lending Risks


Module 4: Covenants in Lending

  • Condition precedents
  • Conditions Antecedents
  • Risks & Mitigations
  • Identify Red Flags for Business Failure and Loan Default
  • Creative Accounting Borrower’s Business


Module 5: Complex Credit Writing Report

  • Important parts in a good credit writing report
  • Industry standards of a credit report
  • Put in writing with case study


Module 6: Loan Monitoring and Restructuring

  • Loan Monitoring and Restructuring
  • Creative Accounting leading to financial fraud
  • Fraud Management
  • Branch Manager
  • Credit Officers

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