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Talent management plays an important role in business strategy because people are the one of the important assets of any company. That is why companies would make an effort to celebrate with lunch and dinner, so motivated people improve performance. What about higher client satisfaction, cover critical roles to succeed, and feel more engaged as a team player?  Investing in talent is to build a working team that is able to communicate effectively, that is the reason we call it “teamwork”, so that everyone is trained to succeed in their superior role.

Everyone thinks speaking and listening is natural, rather believing working experience will improve over time and learn from miscommunication. Behavioral Sciences emphasize that human beings can model problem solving techniques and duplicate decision making systems with accelerated learning methods. This program focuses on leadership succession training that equip participants with neuro linguistic programming capability to excel in life and be effective at work.

  • Understand the fundamental of human communication with behavioral science
  • Experimenting new normal communication that immersed conscious mind and body language
  • Collaborating preferred model of problem solving and decision making process for team and individual
  • Assessing neurological information and language patterns to stay positive in any difficult situation
  • Programming desire behaviour to achieve smart goal, ultimately achieve success for yourself and eventually contribute to team’s value 

3 days Build Succession Team

Session 1 : Team Orientation

  • Induction of building succession team
  • Team Vision, Mission and Core-values


Session 2 : Model of communication : attitude, belief & value

  • What is Neuro linguistic programming
  • The basic of our communication process


Session 3 : Evaluate sensory acuity as stimulus of responses

  • What is sensory acuity
  • Like and dislike experience


Session 4 : Matching your preferred presentation system

  • Internal presentation system
  • How you make decision: image, ideas, connect, logical


Session 5 : Positive thinking for personal success and happy life

  • Why think positive is important cause
  • Maximise our thought effect to be positive


Session 6 : Changing your thinking frame to positive 

  • What is positive thinking
  • How to change frame to think differently


Session 7 : Assessing Eye pattern cues in new normal

  • Theory of eye movement
  • Listen with your eyes and identify the pattern


Session 8 : Ultimate success formula to achieve company goal

  • SMART goal that relevant with your company
  • USF formula demonstration


Session 9 : Make senses of our model of the world

  • Why our senses important when communicating
  • The 5 sense dictate our world: see, sound, touch, smell and taste


Session 10: Problem Solving technique for mindset

  • The challenges at work that need to be solve
  • How to leader solve a problem


Session 11: Decision making process for succession

  • Leadership succession plan
  • Effective decision making process


Session 12: Reprogramming yourself to success and happiness

  • Participant share of learning
  • Business Success and live happier

Limited to 20-25 pax

  • C-Suite level
  • Manager
  • Executive
  • Senior assistant
  • Human resources
  • Head of department
  • Team Leader

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