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If you want to improve your organization’s efficiency and eliminate the stress and
headache that come along with poor communication skills, you want to attend this Building Better Team Communication workshop. This workshop will give you the skills you need to improve your team’s communication channels immediately.

Our program is built around powerful experiential learning exercises which engage participants physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Through participation in these exercises, over the course of 2 days, participants will have multiple opportunities to try out new attitudes, skills and ways of behaving with the support and encouragement of both their peers and the trainer. These will provide for significant and sustainable change for the participants.

  • The fundamentals of great Team Communication

  • How to promote open and honest dialogue

  • The importance of listening in communications,
    and how to improve your listening skills

  • How to handle communications breakdowns

What is Communication?

  • Conversing One on One
  • Giving and Receiving Instructions
  • Friends and Enemies of a Learner


Generous Listening

  • The Barrier of Listening
  • 4 Essential Skills of Listening
  • Observing Listening Skills
  • Positive Body Language


Lazy Communication vs Specific Communication

  • Intention in getting a message across
  • Vague vs Detail information
  • The important of distinction
  • Asking Questions


Handling Communication Breakdowns

  • Handling Resistance
  • How to create a safe zone
  • Respond vs React


Communication Quadrant / Style

  • How to become better by knowing your style
  • How to Blend with Others


Problem Solving through Conveying Information

  • Brainstorm
  • Fact in Hand
  • Information in Hand
  • Theory and Try
  • Anyone who interacts with others in or out of the workplace
  • To those who want to be a better communicator

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