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A business is more than making money for the owner or a paycheck for me. Why do owners and employees are motivated differently and always emotionally challenged? Do you want to know how to put a value on a good business? How do I know business is performing well from a non-financial perspective? Sustainability is as vital as profitability, therefore your need to understand business effectiveness plays an important role in achieving success.

The value of any business is directly related to its business model and whether it operates effectively. Business owners have to make key choices about what to focus on, how to exit business and what if someone’s thinking is not oriented. This program is focused on a business coaching tool of business effective evaluation that professional business coaches use to bring the business to the next level. Personal effectiveness is the key to the top because in business there is no substitute for human performance.

  • Define the complexity of business in terms of technical description, myths and misconception.
  • Understand professional development, and ongoing employee orientation necessary to create shared ownership thinking
  • Understand differences in personal effectiveness and business effectiveness in order to build value and achieve high performance.
  • Demonstrate business valuation, sustainability and succession in the ultimate sacrifice and risk in business owners.
  • Measuring business performance with Business Effectiveness Evaluation, a coaching tool that is practiced by Professional Business Coaches. 

1 day Building Value in a Good Business and Perform with Business Effectiveness Evaluation

Module 1 : The reality of business and what makes a business valuable and sustainable (Business 101)

  • Introduction of business basic finance, technical description, myths & misconception
  • How do you value a Business and make it sustainable and how business succession works


Module 2 : The complexity of business model that related to efficiency and effectiveness (101+BEE)

  • Understand the “table model” as complexity of a business
  • Key business area to improve of its effectiveness or efficiency


Module 3 : Business Effectiveness Evaluation tool that measure current state of key business are to perform better (BEE)

  • Differentiate Analysis and Evaluation
  • Application of Business Effective Evaluation Tool


Module 4 : Personal effectiveness is important to lead good business(Business Coaching)

  • Grids of action to improve life and business
  • Business perform for transformation with business coaching
  • CEO, CFO
  • SME Business owner
  • HR Manager
  • Finance Manager / Finance Controller
  • Senior Executives
  • Executive and life Coach

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