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Providing a service, time, money & expertise always mind boggling us to achieve balance in life? When you want more time for yourself, you cannot afford the cost of an expert to take over your work. For more money, you cannot simply raise your fees to existing customers, so you need new clients. Again, your expert labour cost will rise to service new clients. Work on the system like an expert, follow your bliss, money will appear.

For every area in a business there is already a process or “the-way-we-do-it” in place. Could be lead generation,  process documents, using workflow & software.  Maybe not be reproducible exactly every time & for most part no one is committed to write it down, but they do exist nonetheless. Only when the “way-we-do-it” is transformed into an actual system so that your people can reap the value of having a reproducible, documented and transferable way of producing the desired result. 

  • Outline the workable strategies to make your business systematic, with key functions, accountable teammates and business development process
  • Understand the new approach and practise in creating systems with your primary aim & quantifiable objective.
  • Adapting mechanicals steps to turn your business and life around without turning inside out, success with easy templates & techniques

1 day Business System for SMP & Services Sector

Module 1 : Systemisation Strategies

  • Entrepreneur Myth revisit : The Franchise prototype
  • Ways to increase the value of your firm before you sell it
  • Entrepreneur Myth revisit : The Franchise prototype
  • Ways to increase the value of your firm before you sell it


Module 2 : Guideline to complete one operations manual

  • Save our ships (S.O.S.)with find, grind & mind your business
  • Next level firm process map to land new clients
  • Team Charter defines individual roles, responsibilities, and operating rules of organisation, group or team that are accountable for delivery and success of a program, or subset of identified deliverables.
  • Transform from technician to entrepreneur


Module 3 : Systemizing your business 

  • Work on the system : simple mechanics of making more and working less
  • System through SOP for everyone doing the same way
  • SOP Template : SIPOC
  • Example of diagram and workflow for firms


Module 4 : My company owns me

  • Key performance Indicators to measure & improve
  • Business development process in people strategy
  • Maximise your biological & mechanical “prime time” so you are working at optimum efficiency
  • Summary : change how you work and change your life.
  • Business owner who in services sector
  • Partners of Small Medium Practitioner
  • Start up who want to stop fire-killing, become fire-control specialist
  • SME who do not have any SOP
  • Human Resources
  • Professional services firms

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