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Every business owner’s challenge in the year 2022 is how can I increase business performance? All SME were frustrated with the recent economic condition, and still not making significant profits. Most of them were unsure of the reason why, or of how to grow their business. CFO is the key person to find and filing profit holes, as we know the value of money and of the positive of cash flow.

In-house accountant or interim CFO helped business owners clarify why profits were low, where profits should be coming from. Likewise, we occasionally neglect to reconsider all the areas where we spend our money.  We assume that we’re doing the right things with our money, but without a periodic self-audit, it’s only a matter of time until your company has many small profit holes that cost you a fortune each year. This program refreshes your competency on controls and strategy in the area of cash flow, profit, cost reduction and ratio analysis.

  • Outline of the finance management strategy that all business needed
  • Reviewing financial statements at glance with stakeholders once a month is a good idea regarding the health of a company.
  • Understand the role & capability of bookkeeper, controller and chief finance officer that every business desires to hire.
  • Identify ways to increase profit, reduce fixed costs, and preventing fraud
  • Measuring ratio of liquidity, safety, profitability and efficiency of any business after completion of management account
  • Preparing cash flow budget & actual, account receivable collection process with template and scripts
  • Simulating marketing key performance indicator and generic due diligent list

Module 1 : Insight of finance department

  • Differentiate Controller-led between CFO-led finance department
  • Outsourced accountant role, but provide a CFO quality services
  • Review Finance Statement at glance by CFO


Module 2 : Master bookkeeping with system and procedure

  • Bookkeeping are replaceable by artificial intelligent
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • ASESARTM and IB system


Module  3 : Controller is the person management ask how is the business doing

  • Finance management strategies
  • Gross profit improvement & fixed cost reduction
  • Controller checklist and its daily flash report knowing what happen


Module 4 : Finance management strategy of cash liquidity 

  • Finance management strategies
  • Gross profit improvement & fixed cost reduction
  • Controller checklist and its daily flash report knowing what happen


Module 5 : Comprehensive & In-depth assessment of finance performance

  • Breakeven and income calculator
  • Keeping track of key performance indicators, Quarterly in marketing
  • Benchmarking for relevant industry


Module 6 : What-if scenario modeling in liquidity, profitability and growth

  • Ratio reference table for liquidity, safety, profitability and efficiency
  • Sales price analysis and pricing effect on discounting & raising
  • CFO add value to client engagement and support CEO in efficiencies


Module 7 : Parameters that manage operational risk and safeguard financial duty

  • Ways to prevent fraud
  • General financial duties checklist
  • Generic Due diligence list whenever is necessary


Module 8 : Finding and filling profit holes

  • Ways to increase profit and identify value driver
  • Increase profits by increasing sales margin and by reducing costs and the team becomes profit-conscious.
  • CFO
  • Finance Controller
  • non-finance manager
  • Finance employee
  • Consultant for SME
  • Part-time accountant
  • Firms who want provide CFO services

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