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Would you like to eliminate hourly billing from your firm and provide a coaching package to your clients to achieve their business objective? What if you plan to take a break from the corporate world, then explore how you can offer interim CFO services to small & medium enterprises to achieve your dream of being a successful consultant.

The business environment is evolving because of the pandemic, and accounting and finance will soon be replaced by Artificial intelligence & automation. Therefore it is your opportunity to upskill yourself to face the new challenge at work and change the life of others that cross your path with the right strategy at the right timing. The only way to develop a successful business strategy is to communicate effectively with the CEO of the Company.  This program focuses on managing business with behaviour science and a powerful combination of business coaching and consulting that unlock people’s potential to maximise their own performance in business.

  • Review the outline of the actions and decisions a company plans to take to reach its business goals and objectives. Even with limited resources the right strategy can help businesses in the decision-making process for hiring and resource allocation.
  • Understand how successful business strategy helps different departments work together, ensuring departmental decisions support the overall direction of the company. It can be achieved with a road map and business strategic tools,
  • Understand the business owner’s decisions are affected by their thinking, emotion and behaviour, also how the employees are motivated by the logic level of commission
  • Understand the one thing all great leaders have in common is their ability to coach and consult their team to produce outstanding results which leads to measurable growth in the business revenue and profit. Learn how to become an inspirational figure to your team and other people by helping them to become the best version of themselves.
  • Bring back to your organization a set of powerful coaching tools, techniques, skills, and competencies so that you can be more effective, productive, and get promoted.
  • Discover the powerful, proven coaching tools and techniques used by the certified business Coaches and how you can use them too to help people achieve their business goals and create positive change in their lives.

2 days CFO’s Business Strategic Consulting & Coaching

Module 1 : Fundamental of business strategy (Ocean in the Pond)

  • Overview of business decision making process
  • Business coaching vs Consulting
  • Business Model Canvas (BMC) to establish transparency, focus and flexibility.


Module 2 : SWOT analysis strategy and action (Lake)

  • Determination of individual SWOT analysis
  • Business SMART goal and action to take using SWOT in the Lake


Module 3 : Strategic Road map (Technical to elicit business owner’s value)

  • Strategic planning with mission and vision
  • Core values and the balance of four perspectives


Module 4 : Logic Level Commission that drives employee motivation (technical)

  • Strategic planning with mission and vision
  • Core values and the balance of four perspectives


Module 5 : Career of Coachsultant and eight dimensions in life (Sea)

  • Role of consultant and life coach at work
  • Wheel of life that solve business mindset and improve livelihood


Module 6 : Business Effectiveness Evaluation (Ocean BEE)

  • Where are you now and where you want to go


Module 7 : Integration of Business model canvas & Blue Ocean Strategy (technical)

  • Business Coach to achieve strategic goal in every department


Module 8 : Ultimate success formula to achieve Smart Goal (Ocean coaching USF )

  • Why does business in the pond end in Ocean.
  • Integrate BMC into Blue ocean and set sail from red ocean
  • CFO
  • Manager
  • HR directors
  • Senior executive
  • Consultant or coach who provide services
  • Employee who plan to promote
  • Firms who want provide additional services

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