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The Credit Skills Professional is a Comprehensive 4+1 day Credit Development Program for new credit officers without any business credit lending experience. The participants will go through a total of 7 modules of credit parameters of lending. Each module, participants will be assessed to gauge their knowledge, skills and attitude towards business credit. All participants are required to pass all the modules with the final group assessment on credit writing and presentation skills.

The successful candidates will be award the Internal Basic Credit Certification which certifies them as Lenders in the Business Banking Division. The certification will be award to participants based on their participation in training and credit modular assessment.

  • Understand the importance of lending from the Banker’s perspectives
  • Apply the fundamental of lending principles in day to day credit proposition and credit cycles.
  • Appreciate the importance of quantitative & qualitative analysis in lending
  • Understand the different types of lending in banking and its fundamental credit and risk management principles
  • Apply the different risks mitigation and credit support in a credit proposition
  • Understand peculiarity of Asset Based Lending, Working Capital Financing
  • Understand & apply the internal credit architecture in lending and approval
  • Appreciate the Management and Monitoring of account portfolio


 Module 1: Fundamental of Credit ( 2 days)

  • What is Credit from Lender’s & Borrower’s perspectives
  • mentality towards lending
  • LD Ratio perspectives in the Banker’s perspectives
  • Importance of lending functions in banking
  • Types of Credit Jargons & its importance
  • Legal compliance in Lending : Internal & External
  • 10 fundamental lending principles
  • 9 Credit Risk Management principles
  • 10 different types of lending and its risk
  • Types of Lending Products

Credit Assessment I (Subjective & MCQ)



  • Types of Risks in Banking?
  • What is Credit Risks in Lending?
  • Credit Risk Identification
  • Types of Borrowers & Its Risk to Lenders
  • Basic credit factors from the lender’s perspectives
  • Types of Credit Risks affecting Customer Business
  • Types of Credit Risks affecting Customer’s Repayment Capabilities
  • Asset Conversion Cycles / Business Cycles
  • Credit Risks & its Mitigation

Credit Assessment II (Case Study and MCQ)


Module 3: Legal Documentation, Securities & Credit Support

  • Types of Legal Documentation in Lending
  • Types of Securities in Lending
  • Types of Credit Support in Lending
  • Types of Base Pricing & Risk Weightage in Lending

Credit Assessment III (Case Study and MCQ)


Part B: Basic Credit Skills II

 Module 4: Credit Cycles Mechanism

  • Credit Cycles in Lending
  • Application of Basic Credit Skills in Credit Cycles in Lending
  • Scope of Business Credit Evaluation in Credit Cycles
  • Credit Risks in the Asset Conversion Cycles & Credit Cycles
  • Credit Tools to understand Customer’s Business operations and its risks

Credit Assessment IV (Case Study and MCQ)


Part C: General Knowledge of Business Annual Accounts

 Module 5: General Accounting Principles

  • Basic Accounting Principles, Doctrines & Conventions
  • Components of Annual Accounts of Businesses
  • Basic Aspect of Credit Analysis
  • Interpretation of Financial Positions
  • Qualitative of Financial Analysis

Credit Assessment V (Subjective & MCQ)


Part D: Internal Credit Policy for Small Business Banking

Module 6: Internal Lending Architecture

  • Loan Proposition Format – Key areas
  • Components of Credit Proposition
  • Target Markets / Industry / Customers / Business
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Monitoring Process
  • Risk Reward Relationship

Credit Assessment VI (Subjective & MCQ)


Module 7: Credit Writing Skills

  • A good credit paper proposition
  • A bad credit paper proposition
  • How to write a good credit Paper


Final Assessment:  Full Credit Assessment & Presentation – Groups

  • New to Credit
  • Have some knowledge of banking products & services
  • Have some knowledge of banking law, legislation & compliance

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