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One of the most important aspects of determining the credibility of the customers is to be able to assess the financial performance, financial stability and the ability to pay by the customers in using the hospital services from outpatient to inpatient. Why the need of assess the financial performance of the company’s financial position? The user is the employees and management staff and the payer is the organisation who have selected the hospital as their panel for the employee’s medical benefits. Inevitably, these organisation will request for panelship and credit terms. As such, it is essential for hospital staff who are either graduate in finance or non finance staff to have an indept understand the basis on which the company’s financial statements are drawn up. This will enable the hospital staff to be able to effectively assess the payer’s (organisation) financial performance and position.

The program will encomponses basic understanding of the accounting principles, the comprehensive financial position and to perform the quantitative financial analysis on the financial position for panel and credit decision.

  • Describes the basic knowledge of the accounting doctrines, principles and policies in financial accounting 
  • Identify the main components and content of the comprehensive financial position including cash flow statements
  •  Personal risk profiling on Financial planning
  • Analyse the comprehensive financial position to support credit management and decision making 
  • Link financial position ratios to credit risks issues 
  • Identify red flags and creative accounting that may makes the company financial looks good and strong
  • Assess the impact of the management, capability of the organization, industry conditions and business factors that may affect the company’s business
  • How to interpret the financial ratio and write a good credit report to support decision making

Module 1: General Accounting Principles and Policies

  • Types of Accounting Reporting and User 
  • What basis is the financial report being drawn up. 
  • Importance of compliance and exception in financial position reporting


Module 2: Understanding Financial Statements

  •  Components, fundamentals of financial position and comprehensive income statement 
  • Fundamentals of the cash flow statement 
  • Limitation of financial position statement


Module 3: Quantitative Analysis of Financial Position

  • Characteristic of a good financial analysis 
  • Understanding the organization business 
  • Financing structure and needs
  • Critical assessment of the financial position with use of ratio analysis 
  • Practical aspects of financial position analysis
  • Practical aspects of Income statement analysis
  • Practical aspects of cashflow analysis 
  • Practical aspects of creative accounting
  • Risks in financial ratios and mitigations


Module 4: Qualitative Aspects of Financial Position Analysis

  • Management team and Shareholders 
  • Market, Industry and Qualitative factors affecting the company’s business 
  • Business, competition, industry and demand risks


Module 5: Credit Report Writing for Decision Making

  • Standard format 
  • Components of a good credit report writing
  • Effective writing skills of a credit report
  • Finance and Non-Finance Staff
  • Management trainees

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