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CFO's Finance Strategy & Control

Refreshes your competency on controls and strategy in the area of cash flow, profit, cost reduction and ratio analysis.

Equity Funding: CFO's Perspective of Crowdfunding & Venture Capital

Highlights fundamental equity funding from the perspective of a CFO, Venture Capital and Angel Investors, equipping you with a new mindset of Investee to continue your journey of IPO

CFO's Commission Planning that Drive Profit Up

Focuses on managing cognitive behaviour of business people, Intrapreneurship has been successfully proven good commission and real incentives can drive profit up.

CFO’s Business Strategic Consulting & Coaching

The business environment is evolving because of the pandemic, and accounting and finance will soon be replaced by Artificial intelligence & automation. Therefore it is your opportunity to upskill yourself to face the new challenge at work and change the life of others that cross your path with the right strategy at the right timing.

Intensive Program Corporate Finance For Decision Making

Equip the managers with the knowledge and skills in evaluating investment decision and understand the underlying factors in valuing a company worth.

Finance For Non Finance Managers for Decision Making

Encomponses basic understanding of the accounting principles, the comprehensive financial position and to perform the quantitative financial analysis on the financial position for panel and credit decision.

Fundamental of Financial Analysis

Banking professionals responsible for evaluating management success in these areas can turn to this curriculum for a set of crucial financial statement analysis techniques, culminating in business valuation principles. Learn how to compare companies financially, understand cash flow, and grasp basic profitability and risk analysis concepts.

SME’s Transfer Pricing Planning and Management

SMEs need a specified guide to start transfer pricing documentation, so we turn our attention to 3 key steps to make sure they understand transfer pricing and avoid misapplied comparable methods.

SOP Documentation Made for Franchising, Internal Control & Improve Productivity

Business system is powerful if every department is able to automatically generate SOP. Writing your business process does not reinvent the wheels, it is to discover things you must do more, do fast and do perfectly.

Building Value in Good Business and Perform with Business Effectiveness Evaluation

The value of any business is directly related to its business model and whether it operates effectively. Business owners have to make key choices about what to focus on.

Business System for SMP Services Sector

When the “way-we-do-it” is transformed into an actual system so that your people can reap the value of having a reproducible, documented and transferable way of producing the desired result.

Fundamental of Personal Financial Planning

Long-term method of wisely managing one’s finances so you can achieve your goals and dreams, while at the same time negotiating the financial barriers that inevitably arise in every stage of life.

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