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This course is aimed at helping participants to be understand the qualitative factors, tools used in understanding customer’s business, qualitative risk analysis and types of risks in a customer’s business. It also comprises how to prepare a credit report for new loan, annual review and also for special case of recovery.

Participants shall be exposed to all the qualitative factors, risks, and tools used in assessing a credit application and also will be inducted with the Credit Report Writing mechanism on format, contents, language use, style of report for new loan application, annual review and special cases in credit.

  • Explain the various qualitative factors for assessing a credit proposal: –
    • description of business
    • ownership and management
    • industry analysis
  • Understand the importance of Business Cycle in assessing a credit proposal involving financing, purchasing, trading & manufacturing and collection.
  • Apply the SWOT, Competitive Strategies of borrowers, Critical Success Factor, Michael Porter’s 5 Forces, The economic, industry and product life cycle, the BCG Matrix in assessing the credit application by the potential borrower.
  • Apply the qualitative risk analysis in the credit proposal.
  • Understand the different types of credit risks attached to different businesses.
  • Explain the overview of Report Writing in areas of format, language, style of writing
  • Explain and write the various format and components in a Credit Report Writing from introduction, context and preliminary of a credit report writing.
  • Explain and outline the specific contents, information and data to be included in Introduction, main body, summarization, conclusion and recommendations in a credit report writing
  • Explain and write the contents and format needed for a new loan application, annual review and special cases in credit report writing skills
  • Application the knowledge and skills in preparing a credit report. – post training requirements.
  1. Qualitative analysis format
  2. Qualitative risk analysis and types of credit risk
  3. Tools use in assessing borrower’s business
  4. Overview of Report Writing
  5. Language and Writing Styles
  6. Introducing Credit Report Writing
  7. Context of Credit Report Writing – Preliminary and the Introduction
  8. Main Body of Discussion – New Loan Application
  9. Main Body of Discussion – Annual Review and Special Cases
  10. Summarization, Conclusions and Recommendations
  11. Case Study
  • Credit Officers
  • Bank Officers

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