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The fundamental of credit workshop aims to provide an understanding on the fundamental principles governing RETAIL & BUSINESS CREDIT to non-experience and non-credit officers or newly promoted credit officers and Graduate Trainee Program who are directly or indirectly involved in credit functions or cross dealing with potential commercial clientele.

Customized designed to cater to the In-House Program to meet the Banking Industry requirements where the lending are targeted to Retail, SMEs, Commercial and Corporates and the participants are new to credit lending in the bank.

The Structured 3-days program can be catered to those non-credit department staff for acquiring the basic credit knowledge and skills and would be handy when servicing the Credit Departmental personnel.

The Program is structured to be practical in nature and is in line with the AICB industry PCC Certification in the CCE 2, 3 and RCP 1, 2 modules.

  • Equip with the relevant knowledge, skills and attitude towards retail & business credit essentials
  • Equip with the Basic skills in understanding and types of tools in analyzing the credibility of a borrower’s business, financial and risk profiling
  • Basic understanding of Retail, SMEs, Commercial & Corporates and Business Credit
  • Able to understand (retail & business) the different types of lending, credit product risks, pricing, fundamental credit and credit risks principles
  • Understand the Basic Types of financial ratios used in analyzing Business Credit
  • Recognize the major drivers of business and financial policies of a company and its statement of cash flows
  • Business Credit Cycles and Asset Conversion Cycles.
  • Different types of securities and covenants to be applied to retail & business credit
  • The Bank’s internal credit architecture process, procedures and policy
  • Module 1: Credit Jargon language used in credit personnel
    • Credit language; Credit Instruction
    • Credit Mitigation
    • Negative & Positive Credit Jargons
  • Module 2: Introduction to Credit
    • What is Credit and its fundamental principles of lending
    • Good vs. bad lending
  • Module 3: Consumer (Retail) and Business Lending Products & Services
      • Types of Products & Services
      • Types of Lending
      • Product risks profiling
      • Credit Processing Policy & Procedures
      • Pricing Strategy
  • Module 4: Principles of Lending
  • Module 5: The 5 C framework and Qualitative & Quantitative Information needed for Retail and Business Credit, Credit Scoring Mechanism
  • Module 6: Types of borrowers and their legal status
  • Module 7: Credit information and its verification in Retail and Business Credit
  • Module 8: Loan and securities documentation in Retail & Business Credit
  • Module 9: Landed securities and credit support in Retail and Business Credit
  • Module 10: The Bank’s Internal Credit Architecture Process, Policy and Procedures (Optional)
  • Module 11: Basic Understanding of Guarantees and Indemnities
  • Module 12: Case Study: Retail & Business Credit Simulation
  • Non-experience and non-credit officers
  • Newly promoted credit officers
  • Graduate Trainee Program who are directly or indirectly involved in credit functions or cross dealing with potential commercial clientele.

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