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In today’s turbulent business environment, managers non only in finance division or financial control division must able to acquire the skills of corporate finance. Mainly because at any one time, the managers might to involved in certain project investment or providing advisory services to client on their investment in certain companies. Corporate finance will equip the managers with the knowledge and skills in evaluating investment decision and understand the underlying factors in valuing a company worth. As such successful professional managers need to be well equipped to make increasingly complex and challenging operating, investing and financing decisions. Aggressive versus conservative financial management, overvaluation, undervaluation and raising finance are complicated, but in today’s international marketplaces and constantly growing market competition, they are more challenging than ever.

This corporate finance course will help you develop a strategic understanding of key financial decisions faced by organizations today.

  • Utilise the various evaluation tools to evaluate a capital investment proposal
  • Make decision on the various capital investment options
  • Calculate the Enterprise value base on financial positions, market value and the intrinsic value of the firm
  • Use the various methodology in valuing a company worth using multiples, DCF and NPV tools
  • Conduct a practical approach on a public listed company on the real value of the company matching against the P/E ratio and market capitalisation.

1-Day Intensive Program Corporate Finance For Decision Making

Module 1: Decision Making for Capital Investment Proposals

  • What are capital investment projects?
  • The Time Value of money
  • The capital appraisal roadmap


Module 2: Decision-Making for Capital Investment Proposals

  • Techniques for appraising investment proposals
  • Payback period
  • DCF/NPV/IRR evaluators


Module 3:  Valuation of Business Worth

  • Valuation is more ‘art’ than science
  • Using not tangible assets
  • Using multiples


Module 4:  Valuation of Business Worth

  • Using Discounted DCF/NPV
  • Other techniques for business valuation
  • Global Market Division
  • Head of Dealers
  • Senior Dealers
  • Forex Dealers
  • Corporate Dealers

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