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The Loan and Legal Documentation taking securities as collateral to a loan for lenders is a must to know. Full and proper documentation for both a loan and securities must be executed in accordance with the various Act, Law and Statue to protect the bank any loss due to improper perfection of loan and security documentations.

The lender will also be equipping with the skills of the strength and type of securities and how a security can be taken to secure a loan. This is especially important to microfinancing and small business loan where they company are mostly under ROB and has little to no security to be charged to the bank.

Proper securities documentation will protect the bank from further losses due to loan defaulted by the borrower.

  • Explain the purpose and content of the loan agreement
  • Describes the various forms of security and its legal documentation
  • Explain the specific laws, regulations and legislatives to each type of securities
  • Explain the event of default circumstances
  • Explain the steps in taking the different types of security
  • Understand the compliance of Stamp Duty Act

2 days Loan and Securities Documentation 

Module 1: Introduction to Legal Documentation

  • Important role of the lending officer and the bank’s panel solicitors
  • Types of Legal Documentation: Loan agreement and its important components
  • Events of Default and its circumstances
  • Documentation in Consumer Loan (types of loan) and Business Loans


Module 2: Legal Documentation

  • Letter of offer
  • Loan Agreement
  • Security Agreement
  • Stamp Duty Act – Nominal and Ad valorem


Module 3: Security Requirement

  • Criteria of a good security
  • Security Documentation: The Security Agreement
  • Steps in enforcing a security: Creating a Security interest and enforceability
  • Different types of security eg: FDs, Shares, Debentures, and its legal documentation
  • Types of Legal Documentation for each types of securities


Module 4: Landed Security Documentation

  • Land and its alienation
  • Types of Land
  • Land Laws governing the different types of land
  • Strata Title Act 2007


Module 5: Land Registration, Dealings with Land as Security

  • Caveat, Charge, Assignment (LACA), Lien, MOC, MOT. Attestation, Stamping & Land Registration
  • Land Searches


Module 6: Guarantee and Indemnities

  • Types of Guarantee and its circumstances
  • Characteristic of Guarantee
  • Documentation for Guarantees
  • Enforcement of a Guarantee
  • Indemnity
  • Letter of Undertaking

Bank Staff, Bank Officer, Sales Personnel, Marketing Officer

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