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What has prevented you from promotion? What holds you back today from living your dream? It takes courage to identify and accept what is holding you back and why you have allowed this to hold you back. Many athletes who are disappointed in their performances don’t understand why. They seek out their coach and apply sports psychology and easily translate to improving performance and on the road to believing, achieving and being fully engaged in the process each day.

The same principle applies to accountants who choose to focus on a positive career.  Understand self and their peers to create stronger teamwork and embrace good spirit with boss. This program is designed to help improve one’s own performance and other people’s performance in numerous areas like motivating, controlling emotion, and understanding behavioural traits. The aspect of communication skill is immersion of mind & body, whereas mindfulness and neuro-linguistic programming are introduced to improve presentation skill and enhance public speaking confidence.

  • Understand the importance of self development, self motivation, how to consistently improve lifestyle and performance at work.
  • Identify the knowledge and skills of the importance of portraying professional and positive self-image at work
  • Develop mindfulness and find relaxation within a highly stressful environment
  • Displaying work positivity and productive relationship with between accountant and their boss,  and leading a team
  • Understand professional ethic, human value, and belief system to achieve effective communication and improve interpersonal skill.

2 days Peak Performance for Accountant at work

Module 1 : The New Millennium Knowledge Skills and Behavior

  • Understand Personality Types @ work place, under pressure and normal self – DiSC and Bird types of personality
  • Understand the core values and belief system
  • Differentiate functional skill competencies and behavioural core competencies


Module 2 : Managing Self

  • Self mastery at work
  • Motivational Cubes
  • Managing priorities at work


Module 3 : Managing the boss & subordinates

  • Matching boss personality types and others
  • Johari window in communication and make relation compatible
  • Manage upwards and downwards


Module 4 : Mindfulness, immersion of mind & body

  • De-stress strategies
  • How minds and body work
  • Relaxation & Reframe technique


Module 5 : Peak performance at work

  • Controlling emotion by removing
  • Channeling focus with goals
  • Optimise strength with empowering belief


Module 6 : Public speaking & confident presentation

  • Script preparation
  • NLP Language
  • Confident trick before presentation


Module 7 : Professionalism at work

  • Differentiate Long term value and short term gain
  • Dress code & Code of ethics
  • Lead by example


Module 8 : Reprogramming

  • Learning stages & competency loop
  • State Control
  • Conclusion of learning
  • CFO
  • Accountant
  • Head of Department
  • Finance Manager
  • Firm manager
  • Middle management
  • Employee who perform and seek promotion

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