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Secretaries perform a variety of administrative support and clerical duties necessary to every levels of business to ensure the smooth running of an organisation. This course will enable participants to handle their varied responsibilities in an efficient approach.

  • To ensure participants understand the importance of developing self, self motivation at work, self esteem and ego
  • To make participants aware of what motivates them in improving work performance and importance of a Secretarial function to the BOSS and Citibank.
  • To transfer the knowledge and skills of the importance of portraying professional and positive self-image @ work.
  • To show the workings of positive and productive relationship between the SECRETARY and their BOSSES
  • To make the participants aware of the kind of other career opportunities that are available to them with their present competency and skills

2 days Peak Performance Secretary – Managing SELF & Managing The BOSS

Module 1: The New Millennium Knowledge Skills and Behavior

The New Millennium Secretaries’ Core Behavioral & Technical Skill Competencies

  • Understand Personality Types at work place, under pressure and normal self – DiSC and Bird types of personality
  • Understand the importance of Personality Type in Interpersonal Relationship and Effective Communication
  • What is Behavioral Core Competencies vs Functional Skill Competencies


Module 2: Managing Self

Self Mastery at Work

  • Self Motivation@Work – What is Motivation & Its Importance?
  • Hot Buttons@Work and how to manage it
  • Motivational Cubes
  • Career Doldrums
  • Managing Priorities@Work


Module 3: Managing The BOSS & OTHERS

Establishing Relationship with Your Boss & Others

  • Using personality type to manage self and relationship with BOSS and others for effective work environment
  • Matching BOSS personality Types and Others
  • Managing The BOSS — make the relationship compatible
  • Using Johari Window in Communication and Understanding Relationship


Module 4: Peak Performance @ Work

Unlocking Self Performance and Goal Setting

  • Wheel of Life – Self work life balance
  • Instilling PMA – Positive Mental Attitude
  • Goal Setting & Achieving Them
  • Managing Self Performance To Achieve BOSS Performance
  • Career Progression @ Work
  • Snapshot of 7 Habits of Effective People @ Work


Module 5: Be Professional at Work

 Professionalism @ Work

  • Managing Difficult People @ Work
  • Professional Ethics, Values and Belief System
  • Managing Emotion using NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming)
  • Using NLP Words to enhance professionalism
  • Secretary 
  • Officers

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