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This programme will provide participants with practical understanding of the regulatory framework particularly AMLACFT and Business Ethics requirements and guidelines for Treasury staff in the financial institutions to follow strictly. The course will focus on the importance and application of AMLACFT & Business Ethics in relation to their work as well as its implications.

  • Understand the rationale of AMLACFT and Business Ethics
  • Explain the AMLACFT and Business Ethics function in the bank and to its customers.
  • Relate the inter-linkages between AMLACFT and Business Ethics
  • Share common non-compliance issues to AMLACFT and Business Ethics and undertake remedial action
  • Realize the consequences of non-compliance to AMLACFT and Business Ethics
  • Introduction – Regulatory Framework – AMLACFT and Business Ethics
  • Overview on AMLACFT Act 2012
  • Definition and Its Meaning – Case Presentation to understand its meaning
  • Relevant Sections of the AMLACFT related to Treasury & Financial Institutions

Using Case study approach to understand the relevant sections below:-

  • S13 Record Obligation, S18 Opening Accounts, S31-S25 – Power of Investigation, S41 IO power to arrest, S44-S62 Freezing, Seizure and Forfeiture of Property
  • S83 BNM power to issue guidelines
  • S89 Concealment, Destruction of Documents
  • First Schedule and Second Schedule of the AMLACFT Act 2012
  • Terrorist Financing


  • Overview on Business Ethics
    • Definition and Its Meaning – Case Presentation to understand its meaning of personal and Business Ethical Issues

Using case study to understand the relevant Business Ethics

  • Honesty & Integrity, Transparency, Accountability, Fairness and Independence
  • Ways of reporting unethical practices
  • Structure of reporting of unethical practices


  • Anti-Corruption Ethics
  • Facilitate payments
  • Kickbacks and Undocumented Cash Payments
  • Gifts, Hospitality and Expenses


  • Conflict of Interest, Clients & Counterparty
  • Personal & Related Party Transactions
  • Personal Investments and Third Party Investments
  • Insider Trading


  • Fiduciary Ethics & Duties
  • Act on best interest of clients
  • Respect confidentiality of information and uphold competition laws
  • Anti-Trust Law & Fair Competition


Consequences of non-ethical & nonsocial responsibilities banking issues

  • All Banking Personnel
  • New bankers
  • Treasury and Support Functions

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