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This course is aimed at helping participants to be ready for the Banking Industry CCE examination and familiar with the specific credit topics in each module of the CCE modules 1,2,3 & 4.

This interactive 4-days tutorial and followed by 2-days Examination Techniques will demystify the CCE 1234 modules by allowing participants to engage and discuss in understanding the 4 major modules in CCE.

The course will also benefit the participants who are not sitting for the PCC CCE updated examination where they will gain relevant knowledge and skills on the Malaysian Financial System, Regulatory requirement. The participants will also gain basic understanding of credit, types of credit risks, financial statement understanding and analysis and components of a good credit proposal write up.

At the end of each module, there will be a mock assessment to gauge their level of understanding and readiness for the examination.

  • Gain a snapshot of Module 1, 2, 3 & 4 of the CCE program
  • Understand the key important topic in Module 1 on Malaysian Financial Systems, Regulations & Ethics
  • Gain an overview of the important topic and areas covered under Module 2: Basic Credit Skills
  • Pick up skills in understanding and application of Basic Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
  • Understand the different parts in Credit Writing and able to write a simple credit report on consumer and business banking case
  • 2 days Overview of CCE 1234 review and Mock examination to prepare for CCE examination

Module 1 : Malaysian Financial Systems, Regulations & Ethics

  • Chapter 1: The Malaysian Financial system
  • Chapter 2: Laws & Regulation
  • Chapter 3: Ethics & Corporate Governance


Module 2: Basic Credit Skills

  • Chapter 1: Principles of Lending
  • Chapter 2: The Credit Risk Assessment Chapter
  • Chapter 3: CAMPARI model
  • Chapter 4: Borrowers and their legal status
  • Chapter 5: Credit information and its verification
  • Chapter 6: Loan and securities documentation Chapter 7: Landed securities and credit support
  • Chapter 8: Guarantees and Indemnities


Module 3: Basic Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis

  • Chapter 1: General accounting principles and policies
  • Chapter 2: Understanding Financial statements Chapter 3: Quantitative analysis
  • Chapter 4: Qualitative analysis


Module 4: Credit Writing Skills

  • Chapter 1: Overview of report writing
  • Chapter 2: Language and writing style
  • Chapter 3: Introducing credit report writing Chapter 4: Context of a credit report
  • Chapter 5: Preliminary sections and introduction Chapter 6: Main body of discussion for a new lending proposal
  • Chapter 7: Main body of discussion for an annual review and special cases
  • Chapter 8: Summarization
  • Chapter 9: Conclusions and Recommendation


2 days exam preparation with exam techniques

  • Review techniques
  • Mock exam
  • Review error and best way to attempt exam questions
  • Credit Officer
  • Bank Officer

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