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  • Understand the fundamentals of SMEs business cycles and matching and bank’s credit policies and parameters.
  • Understand the importance of Business cycles in SMEs business for various industry which will provide the qualitative information as well as quantitative information to the bank’s credit officers.
  • Understand the credit cycles in SMEs business assessment
  • Acquire the relevant skills in analyzing the credibility of a borrower’s financial statement, financial standing and risk profiling
  • Identify creative accounting, red flags, Risk Rating Model and mitigating tools.
  • Identifying and mitigating credit risk management in a borrower’s profile using Credit Cycles, SME’s business accounting, funds management, account management and collection process.
  • Comprehensively assessed the credit proposition from the point of qualitative and quantitative points of reference to ensure it is a bankable credit.

SME Business models: Government and Bank’s specification Government funding for SMEs

Type of Financial Assistance:

Soft loans, grants, equity financing, venture capital, CGC, tax incentives

Funds and schemes under Financial Assistance category:
Initiative Financing Scheme, Fund For Food, Fund For Small And Medium Industries 2, New Entrepreneur Fund, Rehabilitation Fund for SMEs, High Technology Fund, Agriculture, Special fund for Tourism

Other types of funds

  • Loans available to SMEs customers
  • Business cycles of SMEs business
  • Financial Statements of SMEs business
  • Qualitative factors pertinent to SMEs business
  • Quantitative factors in SMEs business financial Statement analysis
  • Key risks and potential gains in funding SMEs businesses
  • How to evaluate and assess a SMEs credit proposal
  • Negative & Positive Covenants Credit Jargons

       – No additional borrowings

       – Undertakings by borrowers

       – Security coverage

       – Keep updates on shareholding changes

       – Restrictions of investments

  • Fundamental Credit Principles & Credit Risk Principles to SMEs businesses

       – Writing a good credit proposal with principles of lending

  • Qualitative & Quantitative Lending Assessments for SMEs Quantitative Analysis

       – How to read an annual accounts & basic spreading of accounts?

       – Simple tools in analyzing annual accounts

       – Simulation constructing Micro SMEs Annual Accounts & Cash Flow Statements

       – Sensitivity Analysis on sales, pricing, revenue, cost of goods sold, Current Account review

       – Case study in analyzing of accounts

  • Creative Accounting as Red Flags
  • Types of Creative Accounting
  • Identifying and flash out creative accounting
  •  Qualitative Analysis

       – Qualitative factors in credit

       – Qualitative Analysis Tools

       – Financial risks and qualitative credit risk & mitigation

  • Red Flags in Lending –SME credit

       – Types of red flags – financial and non-financial

       – Red flag identification and its mitigation

       – Common signs of business failure

       – Common causes of Business failure

Relationship Managers, Team Leaders and Approval who are involved in credit initiation & marketing, credit approval & evaluation, credit risk management & credit monitoring.

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