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Do your people encounter frequent careless mistakes at work? A highly profitable business can be leveraged only with its business system. What if your business develops a set of operation manuals, can you franchise your business? Why? Attract talents to buy-in and raise funds for business expansion.

Business system is powerful if every department is able to automatically generate SOP, consisting of Process flow, Flow Chart, checklist and Templates. Writing your business process does not reinvent the wheels, it is to discover things you must do more, do fast and do perfectly.

The best time to review your company’s SOP and documentation is this endemic, and never too late to develop a SOP from scratch, so every team member follows a set of rules and avoids internal control risk. Developing SOP is not limited to your accounting department (or outsourced), it is to communicate effectively within the group of the companies and key personnel.  This program highlights on managing business with behaviour science and a powerful coaching tools to elicit business processes.   

  • Review the outline of the business function and the concept of franchising & licensing
  • Understand how successful businesses operate in efficiency and effectiveness with the ultimate checklist. 
  • Understand organisation chart, flow chart, and who are the direct responsible individuals when things go wrong or careless mistakes take place. 
  • Apply SOP technique with easy step-by-step procedure, so that you can write and draw any complicated task or job in hand.
  • Formulated new staff training when key employees resign,  which also means you are ready to franchise to raise funds and leverage talents.
  • Bring back to your organization a set of powerful SOP tools, techniques, skills, and competencies so that your team can be more effective & productive.

2 days SOP Documentation Made for Franchising, Internal Control & Improve Productivity 

Module 1 : Fundamental of business function and department role

  • Overview of business function
  • Differentiate job and task in all department
  • Exercise: SOS


Module 2 : Develop organisation chart without job position

  • Mapping out organisation chart
  • Priorities jobs with symbols
  • Exercise: SOMFAH department checklist


Module 3 : Three easy way to write standard operating procedure

  • Start with “Ant-in-mind”
  • Direct responsible individual and time of completion
  • Exercise: Process flow


Module 4 : SOP Coding formula on people’s job and task

  • Apply coding formula on job and task
  • Describe each task with task code and coding each job
  • Exercise: Standard Operating Procedure


Module 5 : Ultimate checklist for everyone in the company

  • Differentiate unknown mistake and careless mistake
  • Type of checklist to consider for internal control
  • Exercise: HoD & DRI checklist


Module 6 : Draw flow chart that make sense to every department

  • Seven shape of flowchart and three golden rule
  • Swimlane flowchart that connect each department
  • Exercise: Template


Module 7 : Setup business system with operational manual

  • Why Panel of SOP important
  • Franchisable business integrate with effective training
  • Exercise: Operational Manual


Module 8 : Growth your business with franchising and licensing

  • Understand 80/20 rules to maximise performance
  • Benefit of franchising and licensing
  • Conclusion of learning
  • COO and CFO
  • HR directors
  • General Manager
  • Head of Department
  • Firm who plan to expand with branches
  • Startup who plan to write SOP
  • SME who plan to franchise or license

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