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Managing the human capital in any organization has always been a challenge for Managers. It is an art that requires a certain amount of skill and an understanding of human relationship, effective leadership as well as communication talent in addition to other managerial qualities.  It is not uncommon that Managers in the course of their work, will be faced with issues related to the managing an employee or work groups that are ‘difficult’ or ‘troublesome’ in their work attitude and behaviour.

Such situation is unavoidable and the Management has to cope and deal with the situation.  Managers therefore need to analyze, understand and address the causes and impact on:

  • What are the causes that evolve around the work place that employees turn into problematic workers?
  • Are the working conditions, the environment, the adaptation to change and the working culture conducive to a harmonious working relationship?
  • The impact and costs from such poor work attitude will affect the business, productivity and performance which cannot be ignored!
  • Challenges such as absenteeism, malingering, insubordination, internal conflict will inflict serious losses to the organization.
  • Understand employee learning styles
  • Balance your goals and employee needs
  • Lead from front
  • Provide specific timely feedback
  • Promote growth and development
  • Consider culture fit when hiring

2 days The Art of Managing Challenging Employees

  • Handling grievances, misconduct and indiscipline
  • Understand McGregor’s Theory X and Y behavioral style
  • Improving leadership and communication skills
  • Coaching and Counselling for challenging employees
  • Managing and overcoming resistance to change
  • Resolving and manage conflict including mediation
  • Introduce corporate culture on ethical behavior
  • Directors
  • Heads of Department
  • Senior Managers
  • Managers
  • Senior Executives

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