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Never before have expectations on your time been higher. In a mere 24-hour day, you are expected to be 24 different things to 24 different people! You get bogged down with things that ‘pop up’ throughout your day. By the time the day is over, your “to do” list is nowhere closer to being done. Sound familiar? After the business peak season, you know things need to change. If you have great intentions to improve personal effectiveness, but just can’t find the time to implement, let’s reveal the techniques available.

Business owners who feel stressed and overwhelmed by the amount of “things” they have to do.  Controlling time is the only way for highly effective people to gain a better understanding of where you may be wasting time. This program unlocks the secrets of the best time management guru’s David Allen and Sally McGhee, “Getting Things Done” and “take back your life”.

  • Understand a perspective on allocation time and a strategic thinker.
  • Distinguish your daily time management in order to be more efficient and effective in everything you do.
  • Apply simplest, easiest and fastest ways to manage information overload with tools and tips.

1 day Time Management that Doubles Your Productivity

Module 1 : Controlling time and knowing your outcome

  • Controlling where your time is allocated
  • Actually enjoy pursuing what you really want.
  • The Time Target


Module 2 : Reviewing the classic models, technology and modern approach

  • An improved means of collecting and storing information
  • 5 Stages of mastering workflow
  • Exercise and handout


Module 3 : Establish system and mastering workflow

  • Processing and collection points in your system
  • Prioritise important and urgent
  • Exercise: tips and techniques


Module 4 : Swishing gear to balance work and life

  • Use Pareto’s law and Goals Control
  • Develop a go-forward strategy of having time to meet your life ambitions.
  • Conclusion of learning
  • CEO, CFO
  • Head of Department
  • Manager
  • SME business owner
  • Firm partner and manager

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